Search and reputation monitoring

searchSearch and reputation monitoring are two separate things but we believe they should go hand-in-hand. We offer tools to help businesses improve their search results and monitor what people are saying about them.

These tools are perfect for the small business owners trying to do everything themselves and the businesses that have hired people to handle their digital and social media marketing. These tools can make these tasks much easier. You can manage everything from one dashboard.


Nearly 3 billion local online searches are performed every month. Eighty-two percent of those searchers follow up with a phone call or walk-in and 78% of mobile users make a purchase as a result of an online search.

If you want to be in front of all those online searchers, you need to make sure your information is available and accurate. If your business can be found but the phone number or address is correct, it doesn’t matter that your business came up in search. They can’t find you anyway.

We offer a platform for you to update your business information in one location and keep it up to date as you add new stores, relocate or change phone numbers. Users will be able to find you whether they search for you by category, brand, product, service or other query.

This service means finding your business not just on Google and Yahoo!, but also Facebook, Apple Maps, Siri, AOL sites, Bing/Microsoft,, Twitter, MapQuest and many more. Plus, your listing is continually monitored to make sure that it is accurate and consistent everywhere it appears, all the time.

Reputation monitoring

Now that people can easily find your product and services, what are they saying about them? It’s important to know how your business is perceived and portrayed online.

What if you could log on to one dashboard and see what people are saying about you in online reviews, social media and more? You can. Find the positive and negative reviews and comments about your business or products and respond to them from one place. It is an extremely effective and efficient way to manage your reputation. It’s essential for any business owner or marketing director.

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